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Soli investigation, being the first step in designing the fondation or building construction. Soil investigation, an esensial part of modern pre-onstruction determines the conditions and bearing capacity of soil layers. PT ZIFA Engineering neering consultant provides soil mechanic laboratory.
Why do you need to use our services?

+ Our tool have been modified with the latest technolgy. Consolidation testing and triaxial testing using Digital data acquisition sensor technology.

+ Our laboratory is equipped with test equipment that meets international standards.

+ Our Company is supported HATTI certified geotechnical experts and experiences lab technicians.

Our Lab

Digital Consolidation Test


Zifa Lab Consolidation test also uses the digital sensor for deformation reading. Using a log  data system that integrates directly with computer.  The data will becorrected perfectly and directly generate the consolidation parameters output.

Unconfined Compressive Test

Unconfined Compressive Test
Unconfined Compressive test (UCS) measures the undrained strength and the stress-strain characteristic of soil.

Direct Shear Test

Direct Shear Test
This test to determine the shear strength of sand is placed in a shear boxthat is split into two halves.  Zifa lab using automatic drive machine with speed of Constant Rate of Strain (CSR).

Specific Gravity

Specific Gravity tests determine the spesific gravity of soil solids by pynocmeter method.


Hydrometer analysis is a widley used method of obtaining an estimate of the particle size distribution on fine grained soils passing No 200 sieve.  This test based on the principle in sedimentation rate of soil particle in water.  Zifa Lab uses mechanical strirrer to disperse fine soil particle by soaking soil sample and rapid stirring to neutralize the charge between the soil particles.

Shieve Shaker Test

Sieve analysis equipment is used to determine the particle size distibution of the coarse and fine aggregates.

Atterberg Limit Test

Atterberg Limit Test determine the water content at which soil changes from a liquid to a plastic state.  It goes through four distinct states of consistency: solid, semi-solid, plastic, plastic, and liquid.

Permeability Test

Permeablity test uses to determine the coeffiecient of permeablity of a soil.  Zifa Lab uses two types of testing method: the constant head permeability test to determine the permeability of granular soils like sands and the falling head permeability test to determine permeablity of fine grained soils with intermediate and low pemreability such as silst and clays.

Motorize Extruder

The extruder work to remove the undistrubed soil sample from the UDS tube.  Zifa Lab use motorize extruder that can reduce the level of distrubance when soil is removed from the tube.

CBR Test

California Bearing Ratio (CBR) test is penetration test meant for evaluation of the mechanical strength of soil.  This test based on penetration resistance of a soil to a standard-sized piston.

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